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Lawyers are getting 75 Million on the backs of our pain and suffering


We are concerned and outraged that lawyers will receive a $75 million dollar payout on the backs of our suffering.

As you know, many adoptees were sent to abusive and unloving homes.  We all lost our language and culture and our families are forever fragmented.  Can you imagine not knowing where or what happened to your birth child?  Many birth mothers did not know if their child was dead or alive, and to this day, blames themselves for their children being adopted out.

When this proposed agreement was announced in Ottawa back in October 2017, several of the plaintiffs were flown out to Ottawa to stand on the stage when the announcement was made.   They knew nothing about the agreement but they were put on stage to make it look like adoptees were on board.  THIS IS NOT HONEST!!

Residential School Survivors were granted the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Residential School Survivors were able to share their stories at National Gatherings around Canada. We truly believe that this is an important part of Reconciliation, that Canadians are educated about us as Survivors.  Sharing our stories would educate the public and be part of our healing process.

Residential School Settlements were also granted an adjudication process where compensation was granted on the levels of abuses suffered.  We are being offered 25-50 Thousand Dollars and we feel this is not fair.   Residential school survivors received up to $250,000.   Not to minimize their experience (RSS) at all but we never got to go home when we were sent away.     And we grew up far away from other Indigenous people. We think this a fairer way of delivering a financial settlement.

some of us did not know we had Treaty Status when we attended University.    Due to our adoptions we lost out on our treaty rights for a subsidized education., 

Also, many adoptees remain “missing” as they are still in the United States and Overseas.  There should be efforts to bring our brothers and sisters home.  The outstanding issues around the 60’s Scoop are many and varied: counselling for PTSD is needed, addictions treatment is required and cultural education should be offered.

“We were not given an opportunity to express our voices.  It’s like we are pushed aside, given some fast cash, and told to be quiet, leave, like little bad Indian children.” says Cameron Longo a Manitoba Adoptee.

“We want our stories to be heard in court. We went through hell and back and it’s only fair that we get that chance in court”. says Carla Williams a Manitoba Adoptee.

Bottom line is that all of our lives were forever changed, and while money won’t replace our losses, we just want a voice in how this is dealt with.   The plaintiffs are also receiving "stipends" of $10,000 each in addition to any settlemnet monies.

stay tuned more info to come...check out the key parts of the agreement that you should read!  we took pictures of some of the clauses....

Why was this propsed agreement kept confidential????

Because they want us to go away.  Take this agreement that most of us had no say in and be done with us.


They are doing everything to make sure this goes through!!  Of course, the lawyers want their 75 Million Dollar Pay day..