Opposition Form

If you sign this opposition form you are only OPPOSING the proposed settlement.   You will still get money IF the settlement is approved by the courts in May 2018. OUR GOAL IS TO OPPPOSE THE TERMS OF THIS PROPOSED AGREEMENT AND A GET A BETTER/FAIRER DEAL.  OPTING out means you are refusing the settlement when and if it's approved.   You will not receive money if you opt out of the settlement.   Depending on what happens and what we are finally offered some of us might opt out and start another law suit against the Federal Government.   THE DEADLINE TO OPPOSE IS APRIL 30, 2018 so please download sign and email to rajotte.coleen@gmail.com or mail to :     Oppose the settlment, 58 Home Street, Winnipeg, Mb. R3G 1W6  If you need forms mailed to you please call or email us!   

Objection form (docx)